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Expose. Engage. Entertain. Educate.


We'll also pick up the synchronological chart from 1878...


Timeline-based datasets will be made available to members for use on their websites or other presentation environments. Using an administrative control panel and proper authorization, members can filter/sort/retrieve package definitions for interactive use on their own websites.

Datasets are free since most are aggregated from government and other public data, simply adapting the format for timeline distribution, or have been contributed by members and supporters.

The .ORG does not sell datasets, all are free; certain commercial distributions are offered separately through TLSN, a Charter Member and continuing supporter of the organization.


Everyone will have access to a FREE license to base VIZdex software components to enable timelines on their websites.

The advantage of deploying timeline-technology is its flexibility, where your imagination can produce an web-interactive perspective both unique and effective... and with relative ease.

Note that, for end users, there is NO app to download, setup, or install; all interactive timeline features are available anywhere on the internet through any modern web browser.


Our goal is to establish a vibrant community revolving around "current data", making it fun to do the work necessary for amazing and meaningful timelines.

A primary target of the ORG's sharing efforts will be those in education as this is a wonderful tool for enhancing the learning process... and the price to the public-at-large will be ZERO.

NEVER BEFORE has it been technically possible to deliver even smaller collections of media in such an innovative fashion, at such a low cost, and with integrated social connectivity to extend the lifetime of the effort. VIZdex is providing free licensing to the core timeline product along with technical services to "kick start" this organization and, in addition, has pledged to provide free client licenses for members and visitors in order to speed the adoption of this exciting new technology.

You can see an example of VIZdex in action at podDVR.com

FREE DATA - a primary goal of this org is to provide a robust selection of NO-COST DATASETS to members, meaning no extra payment for use on your registered website. These timeline-related datasets are FREE TO YOU but under a NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENSE; you do not own ORG data but it can be used for FREE by all members, ORG data is shared and not just for your sole use.

While we reserve the right to charge for certain future services, any income from which is intended to support the ORG infrastructure. Such services MIGHT include hosting PERSONAL DATASETS for a nominal annual fee but NOT intended to move the organization into a commercial arena. None of this will be necessary if other reliable sources of revenue can be developed, such as corporate in-kind and cash donations, individual donations or subscriptions, periodic support "telethons", etc. The ORG must be structured and managed to sustain operations indefinitely since the goal of putting historical data on the interactive timeline will never end.